Passive House

Passive House – Future Equipped

In New Zealand the health and comfort of our homes is never far from the headlines. Alongside this the topic of a changing climate emphasises our need to be resilient to the uncertainties of the future whilst also reducing our impacts and improving our quality of life in the present.

Raising building standards is a key policy tool to improving health outcomes and reducing our environmental footprint. Around the world forward thinking policy makers are setting objectives to prepare us for a less carbon intensive future. This will directly impact on you and the future value of your home, as the code-compliant build of today will be the sub-standard of tomorrow.

PH Architecture is committed to offering a robust and affordable solution to meeting these challenges.

Passive House is an internationally recognised building standard that delivers a building which requires very little heating or cooling energy; resulting in a comfortable and healthy living environment. Using evidence based design tools, with tried and tested building technology a passive house will consume between 75%-90% less energy than a traditional build whilst providing a comfortable temperature of between 20°C and 25°C throughout the year.

Alongside, an optimal temperature inside a Passive House the internal air quality is kept high, pollen is filtered out and humidity levels are managed through the continuous exchange of air through the intelligent heat recovery system; leading to no mould, no dust mites or condensation.

Intelligent and innovative design makes a Passive House healthy for you, your family and the planet. 

Why Passive House?

I am passionate about creating a sustainable future and have always recognised the value in reducing our impact on the environment through the buildings I design. I have continued my professional development and trained to become a Certified Passive House Designer.

To me Passive House represents the most elegant way to achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency, healthy living spaces and a life enhancing home.